SC dim 4+1

Good process leads to real results. In our services, we combine a process-driven approach with actions to deliver measurable business results. We drive our customers to be more profitable, efficient, Leaner, and more agile.

We provided services covering the following:

  • Building Successful Corporate Strategies.
  • Building Suitable Competitive Strategies.
  • Aligning Supply Chain Strategy with Business Strategy.
  • Supply Chain Restructuring and Performance Improvement.
  • Supply Chain Network Design and Implementation.
  • Building Strategic Sourcing matrices and Suppliers Relations Programs.
  • Marketing and Sales Activities Evaluation and Improvement.
  • Market Studies.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Operations Restructuring and Improvement
  • Organization Change and Leadership Programs.
  • Processes Improvement Programs.
  • Logistics and Freight Forwarding Improvement and Cost Reduction.
  • Establishing New Entities in Egypt According to the Egyptian Laws.
  • Improving Teams Skills through Providing Quality Training Programs