Functionality and integration are no doubt the prodigious keys of organizations success. In the last few years Solutions had helped tens of companies to build their solid functionalities and to move them forward through the stages of integration thoroughfare.

Our clients were helped to move from one stage to the next in the 4 stages course of multiple dysfunction, semi-functional, Integrated and extended enterprises.


1: Multiple Dysfunction 2: Semi-functional Enterprise 3: Integrated Enterprise 4: Extended Enterprise
  • Impulsive activity
  • No teamwork
  • Little information exchange
  • Pep talks (emotional talk to get enthusiasm)
  • Mostly manual ops
  • Inventory reduction in owned facilities
  • New low-price purchasing strategies
  • Some hard skills training, job enhancement
  • Enhanced marketing and forecasting
  • No coordination of initiatives
  • New focus on process
  • Internal process integration
  • Intranets, etc., across functions
  • Design teams
  • Enhanced warehousing, logistics, forecasting, etc.
  • Process integration across entity boundaries
  • Eventual electronic information connections among multiple partners
  • ERP-to-ERP links
  • E-commerce
  • Supply chain vs. supply chain competitionn